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How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

How to Choose a Web HostingThe evolution of the digital world and the rapid development in technology has brought the world closer with half of the world’s population using the internet.

This evolution of the internet and technology not only reduced the efforts of the users but has also become one of the easiest ways of marketing for both reputed or renowned companies in Broadway or the newly established companies to make their mark in the market.

An increase in internet users laid an easy way for companies to approach their targeted customers to present their products or services compellingly.

It depends upon the company’s ideas of products or services or ideas of presenting them uniquely so that more customers can be attracted or keep visiting it often.

Reliable and genuine customer services also play a major role in this particular aspect.

Importance of Web Hosting For Your Business

Why Website is Important?It is very important for your business to have a website to get exposure online.

It enables a business to interact with its customers by giving information about products or services offered by the company and elevate its uses or purposes for them.

Exciting offers or rate cutters are also used to attract a group of customers towards the website.

A website requires a set of images, a series of files and HTML code which altogether makes a platform for the company to showcase the products or services to the customers in the required convenient way.

All these files, information, etc contains the data about your companies which increases the proximity with the targeted customers.

However, all these files need an online home to store them accompanied by an online platform so that customers can see them. This is where Website Hosts provider comes into play.

About Web Hosting

Web Hosting ProvidersA web hosting provider provides a place on a server to store all of your files and also delivers them whenever a browser requests for it by typing a domain name.

It is basically, renting a space to store your files and deliver them to the customers.

There are thousands of hosting providers online and it is difficult to choose the right web host. There are many ways to compare web hosting providers and we are going to cover everything in this article.

How to choose the right hosting provider?

 If you are looking for a perfect host provider that can offer reliable hosting and delivering services for your website then there are several factors to be considered.

Moreover, the hosting company offers services from the different categories that you must cross-check with your requirements to get the best use out of the company.

The essential factors which one should consider to determine where you like to host your site are :

Type of your website

You must be keen on the type of your site and its purpose in the building. There are several types of websites such as e-commerce, portfolio, and blogs, etc of which your own site will be the one and will require a specific hosting feature.

The need of the website host will rely on the factors which include the kind of website that you are building, features if you want something common like a word press blog.

Besides, the script which should be supported or the need for windows applications or any special software will also decide the type of web hosting company.

On the other hand, an estimation of the volume of traffic on your site in the future is also important to set the bandwidth properly so that downtime never occurs surpassing its potential of traffic.

Bandwidth and server reliability 

The type of your website chooses the bandwidth required to run it reliably. You should choose the bandwidth required for your site to run flawlessly. Additionally, the average uptimes and downtimes of the server should also be analyzed from its past performances.

Importance of uptime

The uptime analysis of the server is crucial for a website as visitors from all over the world may come to your site. Variable time zones are the major aspect for which a server should always be operating and be active. Moreover, the average uptime these days should be equal or more than 99.95% which also refers to the network connections accompanied by the performance of the site.

How to find the appropriate average uptime of a server?

Reviews of the web hosting sites can be of great help if you want to calculate the appropriate average uptime of the server as the past users are the only asset that can give you genuine information from their experience.

One can also prefer server monitoring tools to find clear cut information of such hosting companies that possess user-friendly interface and are efficient too.

Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting TypesYou must make sure to go through the hosting options available with the hosting provider which can vary namely

    • Dedicated Hosting: – In this, you can get the whole space for your site which means everything can be customized as per your requirement to the maximum extent.  Simply, you own the space and have complete access and control over it to do whatever you want to use it for.

The main advantage that comes into an appearance on choosing the dedicated hosting is that you can personalize everything on it, which includes both hardware and software as per your needs.

Unlimited storage space means you can fill up any kind of data that can optimize your site for the convenience of the customers. Configuration of the whole setup will also be on your fingertips.

    • VPS Hosting: – This is kind of a dedicated hosting with the whole space to customize but it comes at a lower price than that of the dedicated ones. By the name itself it means virtual private server. By the name itself, Virtual private server refers to be built on a control panel.

The control panel consists of several icons and tools required for building the site and development of it which includes installation of software like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. VPS web hosting comes with the most compelling site navigation and a user-friendly interface which enables easy access.

    • Shared Hosting: – It is basically the most preferred and common type of web hosting which is suitable for most online business owners from every perspective. In this hosting scenario, several customers tend to share the storage space on one highly powerful server that is connected with a high-speed internet connection. The reason for its preference among others is the affordability and convenience.

Sharing space on a server reduces the price to a greater extent when compared to buying the entire space. As the server reserves this space to be shared, it is pre-organized, configured to access all the features reliably and provides the required speed as well which makes it quite easy to use when compared to others.

However, encryption procedures and maintenance of the servers are taken care of by the company.

    • Cloud HostingCloud Hosting: – Unlike acquiring the disk space of a server that is again connected to high-speed internet his cloud-based space can be quite more reliable and easy to access too.

Besides, the speed and performance are taken from several sources at a time which means if one source faces downtime then the other one will support your site efficiently with the same required speed.

This is called unmetered bandwidth and is one of the most preferred features for every web administrators out there in order to provide a reliable service to their customers.

Hosting comparisons of three top web hosting providers :
HostGator vs GoDaddy
BlueHost vs HostGator

SSL certificate

SSL CertificatesBesides getting the most reliable interface and domain space in the server, one must check whether the channel between the server and client is completely encrypted.

It ensures safety from hacking and security breaches as customers can also use their credit card details and account information for transactions.

Make sure that the hosting company is providing you an SSL certificate.

Price for Signup and renewal

Price of Web HostingSignup and renewal pricing for the servers vary from the chosen hosting options such as shared, VPS, dedicated or cloud. Among all these options, shared hosting is one of the cheapest as several websites will use the space of a single server with a shared price.

However, renewal price could cost more than that of the signup price.

If you plan to jump from one web host to another every year a specific term of working days then price may not be the differential factor as at the end the choice of the server will be on your hands.

However, if you are a beginner and have to stick with a single efficient server then price plays a major role besides analysing the uptimes, efficiency, and speed of the network connected to the server.

How to choose the best plan for signup and renewal?

Other than the conventional procedure for surfing between many web hosting sites from different companies that have a completely different interface is quite a time consuming and comparing them with other similar sites will just increase confusion.

In this scenario, searching for the web hosting review sites and top listed web hosting company can be greatly helpful, thus consuming less time and bringing in the best deal possible in the market.

Separate pricing for both signup and renewal can also be gone through and analyzed in your own way which will certainly lead you to the best site ever.

Refund policy

Since the demand for a server which tends to offer the best price accompanied by the required features is increasing every day with the increase of internet users and rapid development in technology, finding the proper source is becoming quite difficult.

As a result, web hosting company comes with attention-grabbing claims to provide 100% uptime, faster speed at lower prices.

This offer seems to be more appealing and most web owners undoubtedly go for that particular web hosting company without having any further thoughts.

How to use the trial period?

The real examining time of a web server begins when it is used by a web owner directly and thus everyone should make use of the trial period.

Almost all web hosting companies offer this trial period in which you can use the space as per your requirement normally.

It’s up-to your experience of its usage and whether you find it useful for attracting the targeted amount of customers and keeping them engaged in your site.

Loading speed, server uptime, and optimization, etc play a major role in keeping visitors engaged in a website, as these days people can’t wait for the loading time which exceeds 3s. 

Complete use of trial period means to use the provided space as per your requirement and see the public outcomes whether it is favorable to your site’s progress or not.

On the other hand, different web hosting companies have different refund policies among which there are several limitations on which amount can’t be refunded again.

Make sure to study the whole terms and conditions section of the web hosting companies before taking the trial period and paying for the offered features.

Availability of features like one-click installers

Conventional features like file management system, control panel, etc are readily offered by almost all web hosting companies, but the availability of one-click installers and support to FTP/SFTP, .htaccess File Access, etc is also equally important.

One Click Installers

One-click installers like WordPress and Magento can be highly useful besides using the provided space on the servers. Make sure to ensure all kinds of possible features of a server within the price range provided.

The number of supported features in a web host reflects the quality and value of it.

Web hosting comparison tools can be helpful in this scenario if you are looking for the best value for the invested amount on the server. 

Use all such tools which are readily available on the internet with reliable and user-friendly features to analyse a whole lot of options present in the market.

Final Step - How to Purchase a Web Host?

Visitor Logging on to WebsiteAfter all the full-time analysis is completed in order to compare and get the best web hosting software, now you can get ready with the budget that is preferred.

Although, different web hosting companies have different interfaces on their official site process of buying the space in a server is almost the same and common in most companies.

First of all, go for the trail purchase of any preferred web hosting company if you are a newbie in the association with that particular server. However, the normal payment procedure which will be followed in the plus membership is equal to this procedure too.

    • Choosing a domain name: – If you are new to the online business then you must choose the most appropriate name that represents your company and the products or services in it.

It is basically the address of your company to which the interested customer will enter to explore, experience and buy if e-commerce website.

If you are already into an online business with your own domain name then all you have to do is provide the domain name in the space provided on the site.

There are different rates fixed for different domain names and most of them are also sold by the companies which have already possessed it in the past. 

      • Email address: – After the domain name is created, now you can proceed for verifying the official email address of the company. You will need to enter the required details provided in the space with a phone number, business name. Country, address, etc. Your email id and maybe the phone number is verified by the company.

    Choosing a Web Host

    • Choosing the package: – As you have already decided on the plan which is perfect for your website based on considerable factors and have gone through the web hosting options which are offered by the company, now you can proceed to further step.

In the package, the information section chooses the type of plan that you think the best suited for the required infrastructure of the website.

The package price will also include the price for SSL certificate fee, domain name fee if needed and the hosting price followed by the Search engine jumpstart price too.

Make sure to go through even given information and follow the terms and conditions for every section so that the offers may not be missed leading overcharge.

You can also ignore the SSL certificate or Backup if it is not needed for your website as it reduces the price to a great extent, but having them is always beneficial.

    •  Finalizing the hosting purchase: – After the selection of the package is completed, get ready for the payment with a credit card. Go through all the terms and conditions provided on that page to ensure every step of selection procedure is suiting your needs. Now click on pay option after entering the card details or you can even go through other payment options for any other mode of transactions.
    • Creating the password: – After you receive the congratulations banner, now you can see a dialog box asking to create the password. Enter a strong password manually or take the help of a password generator to create the complex one so that no other person can enter your server.

Control panel

Soon after the password is created then you can enter your server space’s control panel after getting a confirmation mail in your inbox.

Now, you can go directly into the official site of the web hosting company, enter your login ID and password and enter your server space instantly.

Install WordPress using One Click Installer and you will get instructions on how to setup your new WordPress website.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have successfully purchased a web host and set up your website. If you have any issues, you can contact your web hosting provider, they will be able to help you.

If you are not happy with your web hosting service, or your website isn’t performing as you expected, you can always request for cancellation.

Most web hosting offers refund during first 30 – 45 days after purchase.

Good Luck. 🙂

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