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Hostinger Review (2020)

Since then Hostinger has been gaining customer base rapidly adding more than 10 Million users within three years of its launch. By January 2017 the user base of Hostinger passed 29 million users, thus making it the most preferred web hosting company among all kinds of websites.

Hostinger Logo
Hostinger Logo

Hostinger, a web hosting company born in 2011 was rebranded from 000webhost.com, a world leader in FREE web hosting services with no advertising.

Since then Hostinger has been gaining customer base rapidly adding more than 10 Million users within three years of its launch.

By January 2017 the user base of Hostinger passed 29 million users, thus making it the most preferred web hosting company among all kinds of websites.

Inspite of growing so quickly, is choosing Hostinger as your web host a good decision? Let’s find out.

We will rate Hostinger by weighing the pros and cons of Hostinger.

Customer Service - 100%
Value For Money - 93%
Loading Time - 90%
Uptime - 99.99%
Features and Options - 95%

Hostinger Pros

  • One of the Cheapest Hosting Providers
  • Multilingual Customer Support Team
  • Very Fast Hosting
  • Good Uptime
  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 Days Monty Back Guarantee

Hostinger Cons

  • No traditional cPanel
  • You have to be logged-in to access live chat.

Pros of Using Hostinger

Besides being efficient and providing reliable customer services with a dedicated team of work which is available with almost any web hosting company, some extreme benefits of Hostinger will surely divert your mind towards it.

Here are the pros of using Hostinger Web Hosting :

Excellent Performance (Response Time, Uptime & Speed)

Response time has a huge impact on Load Time of a website.

(Website response time is how long it takes for your web server to connect and send data packets to an end-user browser.)

We put our demo site hosted on Hostinger to test between February 2018 and November 2018.

Hostinger Response Time

Hostinger has been our top web host in terms of response time with an average of 560ms. This is great when you Compare Hostinger to other top rated web hosts.

GoDaddy vs HostGator - HostGator Response Time
  • February 2018 average response time: 573ms
  • March 2018 average response time: 519ms
  • April 2018 average response time: 539ms
  • May 2018 average response time: 686ms
  • June 2018 average response time: 567ms
  • July 2018 average response time: 584ms
  • August 2018 average response time: 564ms
  • September 2018 average response time: 511ms
  • October 2018 average response time: 529ms
  • November 2018 average response time: 415ms

Hostinger Speed

The loading speed of any website plays a major role in keeping the customers engaged in it. It is considered as the most important factor for enhancing the user’s experience on the site.  

Internet users of these days are habituated to the flawless and buttery smooth websites with faster internet speed, as a result, they are not willing to spend more than 3 seconds. 

As per a recent survey, 40% of the internet users leave the site if it won’t load within 3 seconds.

Hostinger is all set to back you up with loading speed having its serves in Asia, USA and Europe, each of which is connected to the 1000 Mbps connection. 

This ensures that the loading speed is always stable providing the best user experience to the customers from all aspects that may be in jumping to the next page or opening an image related to the content provided in it.

Money-back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeAs a beginner in the online business, it is obvious that money is the most essential factor to consider no matter what the features and performance are. Besides, one must check out whether the web hosting company is providing the best value for the money invested in it.

Well, with Hostinger you will not need pre-buy anxiety and stress of whether to invest in it or not.

Hostinger is providing 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its performance and not having a good experience with its companion on your website. 

Although not all products are refundable you can surely get the most out of it if you think that your targeted customers are not finding it appealing. Furthermore, Hostinger charges just $ 0.80 for single shared hosting and $2.15 for premium shared hosting followed by $3.45 for business web hosting which is quite cheaper compared to all other web hosting renowned giants.

Free domain name and free website builder

Almost all web hosting companies that you can come across charges money for the required domain name and an efficient website builder. 

Moreover, people also choose to get charged with the money needed as they claim to provide the most compelling templates and design besides the most attractive domain name too.

However, with Hostinger you can get a default website builder with tons of templates in it and once you have chosen any templates you can customize it based on your requirements. 

One domain name is also available with the most incredible web hosting plans which can be used to represent your space on this European web host server. 

User-friendly interface

The simple interface that people of this age like the most to surf through is provided by Hostinger through which you can find every requirement for your website in a single location. 

Large control panel in it makes it easy to understand and use besides the dashboard from which you can monitor emails, manage domains, update information regarding billings and also track logins as well.

Besides, there are no advertisement pop-ups in this web host which often created obstacles for the users while doing their required stuff on the website such as booking any products or availing any service.

 Beginners in the online business may find this extremely beneficial and simple to use with a clear cut idea of every activity that is done on their website.

Most reliable customer support

Being a beginner, you may have many doubts on website building, choosing a domain name and choosing the templates and customizing it.

Meeting the expectations of the customers and bringing them to your site is not an easy task if you have no idea about digital marketing strategies.


Hostinger Review - Customer Support

However, the customer support from Hostinger is of top class with the multilingual interaction options. If your website is down for any reason you can call and clarify your doubts with the customer support at any time and ask for further extension of plans without any delay.

Hostinger ensures to perform well in maintaining the uptime of any website they are hosting although there are a few drops in the uptime in every few months.

Most sites that are under the hosting area of Hostinger are experiencing the uptime of 99.97% on average which is surely a good call for the website of a startup or a beginner in the online business. 

Very Cheap Hosting Plans

Hosting is very popular because of how affordable the hosting plans are. Rightly so, Hostinger plans ranges from just 99 cents a month to $4 / month.

Hostinger Single

This plan starts at $0.99 / month. You are limited to hosting just one website. It comes with 10 GB disk space and a bandwidth of 100GB. This plan is great but it doesn’t come with free SSL, which is very important these days.

Hostinger Premium

This plan costs $2.59 / month. You can host as many as 100 websites with this plan. It also comes with free domain name, but you don’t get a free SSL with this plan as well. You have to spend extra money to buy a SSL for your website.

Hostinger Business

This plan costs $4.09 / month. You get 4X processing power and memory and can handle high amount of visitors at a time. You get a free domain name with this plan as well as a Free SSL. This plan is affordable and great for power users.

You can take a look at the image below and compare the features between three Hostinger shared hosting plans.

Web Hosting Plans of Hostinger

Cons of Using Hostinger

Getting access to live chat

If you are having any queries about changing your site’s server to Hostinger, you can’t directly get access to their live chat option without getting logged in and being their customer. 

However, by clicking on the formal contact us option in the site like all others you can get access to the mailbox which can be submitted by entering a few details.

Lacking traditional cPanel

Being a website administrator, people are used to the traditional c panel and the conventional dashboard complemented with it.

Hostinger Control Panel
Hostinger Control Panel

Not all the activities that take place on the website are shown in this dashboard or can be controlled in the c-panel, but it was somewhat upto their limitation of explorations in the normal web host.

Hostinger provides the superior quality dashboard and c panel with larger icons to support beginners to explore and understand the use of each and every option featured in it.

Their own control panels can be surely easy for the beginners those who are a novice in management but if you are already into the traditionally styled control panel then this would be a bit clumsy and hard to get accustomed to it.

Our Final Conclusion - Do We Recommend Hostinger?

One can surely go for Hostinger as the speed, performance, and features and all other tweaks are extreme when compared to the price charged.

If you are a beginner then this European web hosting company is surely the most beneficial web host provider for you as the impeccable pricing range for every feature is quite appreciable from every aspect.

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