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Hostgator Vs Bluehost Comparison- Which Is The Best Web Host in 2020?

HostGator vs BlueHost Compare HostGator vs BlueHost BlueHost and HostGator are two giants when it comes to web hosting. Many people find it difficult to see the clear winner among these three. People have asked me to review GoDaddy vs HostGator, BlueHost Vs HostGator, HostGator Vs iPage and this is HostGator Vs BlueHost comparison.

BlueHost and HostGator are two giants when it comes to web hosting. Many people find it difficult to see the clear winner among these three. People have asked me to review GoDaddy vs HostGator, BlueHost Vs HostGator, HostGator Vs iPage and this is HostGator Vs BlueHost comparison.

HostGator and BlueHost are ranked #1 and #2 on our TOP FIVE WEB HOSTING list, so you shouldn’t face any issues whichever hosting you choose.

In this BlueHost vs HostGator comparison, we compare the two hosts side by side and choose a winner based on Performance, Uptime, Quality and Customer Support.

What many people do not know is that both BlueHost and HostGator are owned by same parent company EIG (Endurance International Group).

Customer Service - 100%
Value For Money - 90%
Loading Time - 90%
Uptime - 99.99%
Features and Options - 99%

HostGator Pros

  • Flexible Hosting Plans which are affordable
  • Almost 100% Uptime
  • Top Notch Customer Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name

Detailed Review

Read our full HostGator Review to know everything about HostGator.

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Customer Service - 98%
Value For Money - 80%
Loading Time - 89%
Uptime - 99.99%
Features and Options - 97%

BlueHost Pros

  • Free domain name with yearly hosting plans
  • Best in the class WordPress Hosting
  • Almost 100% Uptime

BlueHost Cons

  • Costlier than HostGator
  • No Monthly Plans

Detailed Review

Read our full BlueHost Review to know everything about BlueHost.

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How Will Your Website Perform on HostGator vs BlueHost?

BlueHost and HostGator are two best and most recommended web hosting because of their performances. Both HostGator and BlueHost provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.

HostGator sites are hosted in Dual Xeon servers at Dallas. The data centers are well equipped and connects to 10 backbone providers.

BlueHost uses CPU Segregation technology which can intelligently control CPU and protect your site from bad users. Also, HostGator invest millions of dollars every year in new technologies for better performance.

How Good Is Their Uptime?

Website downtime can be a very bad experience for visitors. BlueHost and HostGator both guarantee 99.9% uptime. Now it’s time to see if they are right.

I monitored two websites hosted on HostGator and BlueHost, using a tool called Pingdom. The results are displayed below in the image. HostGator had just 1 outage of 1 minute in the last 7 days, whereas BlueHost had 11 outages of total 51 minutes.

HostGator vs BlueHost comparison - HostGator Uptime

BlueHost vs Hostgator comparison- BlueHost Uptime

WINNER: HostGator! HostGator certainly had the better uptime during the period we conducted out tests. HostGator had 99.98% uptime compared to 98.99% of BlueHost.

HostGator Vs BlueHost – How Quick Is Their Server?

Response time is calculated as the time it takes to perform a HTTP GET to the specified URL, so the response time is calculated in three parts:

  • Time to first byte
  • Time to receive headers
  • Time to load HTML of the site

We also have response time data of BlueHost and HostGator below.

Pingdom also showed the highest response time of the sites hosted on these two hosts.

Site hosted on HostGator never took more than 1288ms (1.2 seconds) to load, whereas site hosted on BlueHost took over 5429ms (5.4 seconds) to load.

Site Hosted On HostGator

HostGator Vs BlueHost comparison - HostGator Response Time

Site Hosted On BlueHost

BlueHost vs HostGator comparison - BlueHost Response Time

WINNER: HostGator! Response time of website hosted on HostGator is just under 1100ms which is impressive. BlueHost response time is higher at over 4000 ms.

How Fast Do Sites Hosted On BlueHost and HostGator Load?

Speed is an important factor to consider before choosing a web host. So we set up two websites on HostGator and BlueHost with exact same design, blog posts, image attachments and pages. Then we performed speed test using Pingdom tool. The results are displayed below.

Site hosted on HostGator loads around 50% faster than BlueHost.

Site Hosted On HostGator

HostGator Vs BlueHost - HostGator Speed Test

Site Hosted On BlueHost

BlueHost vs HostGator - BlueHost Speed Test

WINNER: HostGator! Test site hosted on HostGator shows better performance than BlueHost in the speed test.

How Reliable Are HostGator and BlueHost Customer Service?

When it comes to Web Hosting Companies, having a great team of support is mandatory. Whenever you face issues with your website or server, the support team must be able to solve it ASAP to prevent site downtime. There is an understanding team of support available at HostGator.

Support is available 24*7*365 and you can contact them using different methods. You can create a ticket or use the live chat feature or make a phone call.

HostGator Customer Support Live Chat
HostGator Customer Support Live Chat

BlueHost also provides good customer service, as the main goal of the company is to provide good customer support. Like HostGator, BlueHost also provide Email Support, Live Chat and Phone Support.

BlueHost Customer Support Live Chat
BlueHost Customer Support Live Chat

I’ve personal experience with both BlueHost and HostGator customer support. Whenever I had some issues with my websites, I could contact them easily and they’ve been very helpful to me.

WINNER: IT’S A TIE! Both HostGator and BlueHost have top notch customer support team!

Is The User Interface Easy To Use?

Both HostGator and BlueHost provide cPanel. It’s important to have a user-friendly control panel, especially for people who are new to this and who do not know how to install web scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Both hosting providers have top notch security to their cPanel to keep your files safe from viruses and hackers.

The billing area on both HostGator & BlueHost is good and easy to navigate. HostGator also provide their own customised cPanel which is very easy to get used to. This shows HostGator focuses on customer satisfaction.

WINNER: It’s a Tie. Both HostGator & BlueHost have great User Interface.

What Hosting Plans Do They Offer? Are They Affordable?

Both HostGator & BlueHost provide a lot of features and I could write a whole article talking about each feature. So, I created a simple table comparing the features of two hosting providers.

BlueHost offers three plans called Starters Plan, Plus and Business Plan. On the other hand, HostGator also have three hosting plans called Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. These hosting providers change prices of their plans frequently, so it’s better if you check out the updated prices using the links below.

WINNER: BlueHost or HostGator. (Depends on your requirements)


If you are unhappy with your hosting service, or you chose the wrong hosting plan, you should be able to get compensation. Let’s see how good is the money back guarantee of these two hosts.


HostGator gives a 45-day money-back guarantee with every hosting plan or a site transferred from your old host. This guarantee covers only the cost of your new hosting plan.

You won’t get refund if you purchase a new domain name with HostGator or pay for add-on services.


BlueHost also gives a 45-day money-back guarantee if you purchase host for a year. If it’s only for a month, you have to cancel within 2 days for refund.

Please read the policy of both hosts from their official websites.

WINNER: IT’S A TIE! Both HostGator and BlueHost have a great police on refund. If you are not happy with their service, you can get refund anytime during the grace period.

Which is the Best Web Hosting? HostGator or BlueHost?

Even though both HostGator and BlueHost are owned by same parent company EIG, HostGator beats BlueHost in performance.

HostGator is cheaper than BlueHost and gives you better value for money.

You can run tests on this blog to get an idea about how your future website will perform.

One department BlueHost is better compared to HostGator is in Managed WordPress Hosting. BlueHost’s WordPress hosting is best in the industry. Period. If you are starting a WordPress blog, you can try BlueHost as well.

Why you should choose HostGator?

  1.  HostGator offers one month hosting plans for just $0.01 first month.
  2.  HostGator offers 45-day money back guarantee.
  3. They have a highly efficient customer support team, which is available 24/7.
  4. Easy to use control panel. It’s so simple and functional.
  5. Your website will load quicker than BlueHost.
  6. 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  7. They have a hard working security team that your site safe from Hackers, Viruses and Malwares.
  8. HostGator clearly beats BlueHost with better response time, uptime and load time.

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Check out HostGator Review to know everything about HostGator or Read BlueHost Review.

Customer Reviews on “Hostgator Vs Bluehost Comparison- Which Is The Best Web Host in 2020?”

  1. We shifted to Hostgator last month. Before that, our site was hosted on with an Indian host called SquareBrothers. Our site suffered like hell during that period. The server breaks down every minute. Uptime was somewhere around 30%. They are a bunch of morons who cheat their customers. It was like a worst nightmare for us. I repeat Squarebrothers is the worst webhost in the world.

    Then we shifted to hostgator. They are excellent. Hats off to them for their top class service. Our site never went offline since we shifted to Hostgator.

  2. My voice is for hostgator. Excellent customer support and fast response.
    I use their services for several years and I am very pleased.

  3. I have experienced both Hostgator and Bluehost in the past. It is true Hostgator is far better than Hostgator if we talk about performance.
    The most annoying thing about Bluehost is their frequent downtime. I had a really bad experience with them for this. However, leaving this downtime issue, every other expect was quite satisfying.
    If we talk about Hostgator, the customer support is excellent.

  4. I’ve tried both, and cloud hosting is not for the faint of heart.  You have to know what you are doing, and the controls can be quite user hostile at times. 

    Unless you have a very popular website, and are very technical, I would not recommend cloud hosting for most users, at least until they make it easier to use. 

    Hosts like HostGator and Bluehost have much more user friendly control panels, and are much easier to use. 

    On the other hand, if you have a huge project that needs more than a dedicated server, then Hostgator cloud hosting probably is the best way to go. 

    Depends on your needs, and how technical you are.  (Full disclosure: My brother is a former Hostgator employee.)

  5. I am currently using dreamhost and i can say that it is the worst of all three. I am going to try Hostgator now. Thanks for this review.

  6. Before I chose Hostgator I did my research to make sure that I was selecting that right hosting site for what I was going to use it for.

    After months of research I decided to go with Hostgator, 1 1/2 years later I’m still glad I did.

    Hostgator support is extremely helpful as well. When ever you have a question you can easily connect to support and get answers promptly.

  7. EJ O'Neill says:

    We have been with Hostgator since 2005 and use them for our web design clients as well, they are the best out there bar none. In almost a decade I have rarely seen any downtime of our website or our clients’ websites, Currently support request responses are a bit longer than they used to be since, but if a ticket isn’t answered in the time I need I just pick up a phone and call and get the problem solved almost immediately. Hostgator is highly recommended for quality hosting.

  8. Carlos Martinez says:

    Hostgator has been my first experience with a paid hosting service and a good one at that.

    As soon as I published my website and linked the domain (which was extremely fast by the way. It only took 1 hour!), it immediately started working, and only 4 hours later we started getting traffic.

    WordPress worked spectacularly with it. I had no problems making any changes or adding any functions to the site at all.

    It’s been 3 months and not ONCE have I seen it down. In that time I only had 1 single problem (I couldn’t auto-update or install WordPress plugins) and I called them, 30 minutes later the problem was solved. And everything for an amazing price! I didn’t even feel the money go at all!

    I can easily recommend hostgator to anyone out there who wants to start their own website, and I can’t recommend them enough.

  9. Webhosting inorgnet says:

    I am using HostGator since 2012 on my 3+ websites. Its just an amazing hosting. Mostly it works great.I am using Business Plan and it gives me some amazing features with no downtime. All my websites are working fine on this plan. I recommend this hosting to everyone. Its cheap and reliable hosting.

  10. 1: Hostgator’s cheap
    2: It works 99.9% of the time.
    3: It’s easy to install WP and configure emails
    4: Did I mention it is cheap reliable and easy to use?

    Maybe the bad complaints are specific to some of their servers but my sites are working without flaws and I’m happy.

  11. Ani Ahmetaj says:

    My name is Ani Ahmetaj and I have been using Hostgator as my hosting provider for over 4years. In this time I have also used other web hosting providers for different websites I have worked with and I have to say that until December 2013 I was extremely happy with their hosting. In a period of 4 years my website went down just once and the issue was fixed faster than expected. Whenever I needed help from them they were always quick to answer with useful tips and information. Their hosting could be considered the best until December 2013. In December all the websites I hosted at Hostgator were hacked. The brought the websites back up using their backups right after I reported but my websites were hacked a second time soon after. They fixed it again and I changed all my password to find out that 1 website, not all of them anymore, was hacked again in January 2014. After the last website was fixed I haven’t had any issues with them. The hacked websites were marked as malicious websites from google and antivirus softwares and it would have cost me lots of customers if hostgator didn’t perform their server scan for malwares and remove the threads.

    Everything is fine now and I’m happy to be a customer of HostGator.

  12. EMMA BRYCE says:

    I’ve been a customer of Hostgator for over 7 years and I wouldn’t use any other company for my business hosting needs. I know they offer excellent products and service as I’ve tried a few other bigger companies and their service was not a patch on the support you receive from Hostgator. I run a VPS though them and have adequate control which I’m very happy with. Support can sometimes be slow by ticket but live chat is available for urgent issues.

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