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DreamHost Review

When it comes to buying a web hosting service, especially shared hosting for startup WordPress blogs/websites, there are a handful of reliable hosting providers we can count on, that strike our mind instantly. One among such best web hosts is DreamHost.

DreamHost is one of the most dependable web hosts out there. It is known to have earned a loyal clientele in its 2 decades of service in the web hosting industry, which always backed and stood by DreamHost in its hard times.

On the more, DreamHost is one of the very few web hosting service providers which are officially recommended by WordPress. Now, it is obvious that just any random web host cannot earn a spot in the recommendations of WordPress. In this DreamHost review, we shall explore what makes DreamHost worth its spot.

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How Experienced is DreamHost?

Experience does count in assessing a company’s expertise cum sustenance and DreamHost has a good number in this regard. Established almost at the same time as biggies like HostGator and JustHost in 1997, DreamHost could sustain its position inspite of such profound competition. With nearly 100 employees, DreamHost hosts over 1 million domains with 1500 servers scattered around the globe.

How Affordable is DreamHost?

Unlike most other web hosts, DreamHost does not come with a range of tailored shared hosting plans; rather, it offers only one standard plan. However, that shared hosting plan in itself is fit for all types of webmasters. It comes with

  • Unlimited disk space.
  •  Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • 1 free domain name registration (for 1 year)

DreamHost Review

Hence the plan inevitably fits all purposes. All this comes at     $8.95 per month. This would be reasonable for people who are trying to host multiple domains, but not for newbies who just started off in blogging with extremely low budget. For such people, competitors like HostGator and GoDaddy have cheaper plans.

Things I Like About DreamHost

Like mentioned above, to be advocated by WordPress DreamHost got to be special in some way right? Yes it is, in many ways.

  • DreamHost is the only web hosting provider that guarantees 100% site uptime.
  • DreamHost is the only web host that guarantees a whooping 97 days money back.
  • Almost all top blogging and e-commerce platforms can be installed in just one click through DreamHost’s control panel.
  • To address queries instantly, DreamHost has setup a comprehensive wiki and a discussion forum to let us help ourselves without resorting to customer care and wait for answers every time.
  • With every shared hosting purchase, DreamHost provides $100 worth Google Adwards credits for free.
  • DreamHost hosting can be checked through the 2 weeks trail account that they provide.
  • The free domain name can be renewed at a reasonable charge i.e., $9.95 which is at par with that of cheapest domain name registrars like GoDaddy and NameCheap.

Things I Don’t Like

There are some downsides of DreamHost hosting service. But, in my view, these have negligible to nil negative effects on a domain hosted with DreamHost. Anyway, here they go…

  •  DreamHost has a custom built control panel and therefore, does not provide the industry standard cPanel. However, the control panel seems to be equally easy to use. On the brighter side, for people who are accustomed to using cpanel, DreamHost does provide integration of cPanle. But that needs to be imported separately. The customer support will help you in this. So no much worries there.
  • Unlike most of its competitors, DreamHost does not provide toll free customer support number or live chat option with all plans. Live chat and free call backs can be purchase by upgrading the account.

My Final Words

DreamHost is undoubtedly a great web host. If you have a reasonable budget it can definitely be your choice.

But if you are a absolute newbie with very low budget and are sure that you will not need hosting for more than 1 domain anywhere in the near future, then there are other web hosts like HostGator, which give equal quality service and come with cheaper hosting through single domain plans.

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