Web Hosting Providers on Internet as of November, 2018!

We all have to agree it’s very difficult to compare product like web hosting as there are thousands of them on the internet and offer almost similar features.

The hosting that we review on this website are done after extensive testing of all steps any user will go through from Purchase to Cancellation. We purchase hosting just for testing and are then able to post a detailed review on this website. 

It is impossible to compare all the features of different web hosts.

Therefore, we compare web hosting that we review based on these important factors :

I will explain each category displayed above. What are they and how we use it to compare web hosting providers.


This is nothing but the time it takes to load a website on the internet. Speed of the website is very important for a great user experience. Fact is, slow pages are a drag. Nobody likes them. If people think they can find a faster page, or they can get the information faster, the average web users among them will click away — fast.

Quick Fact : If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

Loading speed of a website can be improved by a great margin by hosting your website on the right web host. We test the speed of a website by hosting a test website on the web host we review and run it on a tool called PINGDOM. It’s a tool to test speed of a website from different servers around the world and the data we get from it is very accurate.


Website response time is how long it takes for your web server to connect and send data packets to an end-user browser.

According to Google and other speed test tools such as GTMetrix, you should aim for a server response time of less than 200ms. If the response time is high, your website visitor will just see blank white screen on your browser and may decide to leave the website.

Things that affect server response time :


We use a tool called GTmetrix to get an insight on how well our test site hosted on the web hosts we review performs.

GTmetrix Report gives you the full picture on how your site loads and helps you detect where bottlenecks are. They also give you recommendations on how to optimize it and improve performance. You can run your existing website on GTmetrix and fix it it.

Key features of GTmetrix are:


A major factor why many small companies and businesses don’t like the idea of setting up a website on the internet. Many feel it is very expensive to set up and maintain a website online.

It’s not true. There are many quality web hosting providers with plans that start from plans as low as $2.75 per month. Our top rated web hosting provider, HostGator even let you try their service for one month for just one cent. Cool isn’t it?

Some hosting providers offer monthly plans while others offer only yearly plans. Most plans come with unlimited bandwidth and web space. But, you can only host a single website on most starter plans.

You can check out the pricing of our top five hosts in the comparison chart above.


Even though most web hosting providers have tools to let you set up website easily, there’s always a chance you will find issues with your website.

That’s when the customer support comes into play. It’s very important you choose a web host with a very dedicated customer support team. There are many people online who are unhappy with support they receive on their web host.

We have given high priority to this factor and have only included the web hosting providers with the best customer support.