I (Thejas Kamath) am a 24 years old blogger with multiple blogs. Out of my expertise, I also get to setup websites and blogs for many newbies and brands alike. This allows me to have good experience with various web hosting companies for hosting myriad kinds of blogs and websites, each having varied needs. As part of my work, I have had both strife and success with different web hosting companies.

It is a known fact that the web host of a particular website can make or break it. Hence choosing the right web host is the first important step towards building a fruitful web-based career. Lamentably, with profuse number of web hosting reviews about various web hosts all over the web, it becomes a huge deal to access which one to go for.

On the more, on vigilantly going through the reviews one finds that most of them are towards making you grab a deal in order to earn some commission. In this process, quite often the reviews are made up. I have personally been a victim of such fake web hosting reviews.

This got me determined to set-up this website in 2013, wherein I’d give unbiased reviews based on real experience and not something copied, edited and pasted.

How does our review system work?

All the websites reviewed here are based on our personal experience with them. Below are things we consider before reviewing a web host.

Is the web host’s uptime as good as guaranteed?

How easy is the process of setting up websites/blogs with the host?

Are there timely back-ups provided by the host?

How reliable is the customer support?

Are there any free goodies offered. If yes, how useful or futile are they?

How reasonable is the pricing of the plans. Are they any discounts available?

How intuitive is the user’s control panel?

How quick, safe and easy is the signup process?

What is the talk about the web host in the industry?

I would be glad to address any of your queries and review requests regarding web hosting. Just drop me a quick message.